How do you choose a college that’s right for you? What a daunting question!

The good news: there are more than 4,500 colleges and universities in the US. Even better news: most schools accept most students, with the national average at 66.7% in 2017 (source). But which of the 4,500 should you apply to?

High school counselors, as well as private counselors such as our team at EPC, can be a wonderful support during the college application process. EPC counselors even have knowledge of specialized programs that can help you in choosing the best college. If you have yet to schedule a meeting with your high school counselor, this blog post will offer a few steps for how to develop a great college list. 

Here are the steps for choosing a college:

  1. Get to know your interests and preferences. At EPC we offer a major/career-interest assessment to help you narrow in on your options. 
  2. Discover what specific qualities you want in a college (i.e. green campus, city, school-spirited, etc.)
  3. Create an initial list of colleges that match this criteria – make this list as big as possible. Don’t limit your options. EPC counselors are here to offer suggestions and make your list manageable. 
  4. Research your chances of getting into each of these colleges and organize your school list by “Reach,” “Target,” and “Likely.”
  5. Narrow down your results into your final list of colleges.
  6. Apply away!


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